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April 20, 2009


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Patricia Weber

This is one reason Barbara I don't even start with, "My name is ... and I'm a ..." I lead my elevator pitch with my customer's usual problems that I solve for them. I have a series of questions ready to ASK the person I'm meeting and I aim to get a "Oh how interesting how do you do that?" Or, "I know exactly what you mean," so that THEN I can say what I do!

Thanks for your great insight.

The Elevator Pitch Coach

Thanks Pat, and thanks for recommending this post.

You hit the nail on the head! One of the most common mistakes professionals make in their elevator pitch/introduction/networking commercial (introducing themselves to an entire group at a networking function), is starting with "Hi, my name is..."

There are two reasons:

1) They aren't going to remember your name if you start at the top.

2) If you simply start with, "Hi my name is Susie and I'm a realtor", the person(s) is going to make an automatic SNAP decision as to whether or not they want to hear more.

The audience is going to hear "realtor" and make a decision along the lines of "Oh, realtor - I don't need one" and tune the person out.

But if Susie started like you do, with a leading question identifying a common problem she solves for people, she's asking the person(s) to think about whether or not they have that problem or know someone else who does.

It also sets you MILES apart from your competition.

You're spot on, Pat! Thanks again!

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