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July 27, 2009


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Yvonne A Jones

Great Monday morning article. I especially like the recommendation to visit a brand new group. There are many professional Meet-Up groups in my area, I've been researching them with the view to visiting and finding my ideal clients (in addition to my current networking groups). Thanks for the tip about checking the local Chamber's website as I tended to do research on my own.

The Elevator Pitch Coach

Thanks so much, Yvonne! What a great idea to search for Meet-Ups - that is becoming more and more of a popular and valuable venue. And you're so right that you can search for ideal clients by researching the groups first! Thanks so much for suggesting that!

Wilma Brown

Barbara, I attended one of the network gatherings about which we spoke. I used my pitch for our Horizon of Hope breast cancer campaign. I began with asking how many in the room had/have breast cancer or know someone with it. The response was overwhelming to me. It was almost every person in the room! I told them I was shocked. Then shared that Longaberger was the first home-based busienss to begin donations from products toward breast cancer and that we'd donated more than $18,000,000 toward its research and education! I then told them I hoped they would help me help other women by purchasing one of the items for breast cancer! Then said who I was, 22 years of experience with Longaberger, and was proud to be a consultant and one who cared about other women.
Well, to my surprise I got an order right there, several women spoke to me, either surprised at my 22 years' experience with them, another few talked to me about the products, and when I pulled into my garage I got an order for 2 products!
It generated a lot of conversation and some orders! Praise the Lord! This is the second time this group LISTENED to what I was saying. Fortunately I was one of the last to speak.
Thank you once again for telling me how to do an elevator pitch and how to change it for the crowd.
Left there and went to an art business (2 of the members were at the gathering) and purchased two necklaces and a bracelet made by one of the ladies! They will know who it was, so who knows what that will bring. Thanks for letting me share.

The Elevator Pitch Coach

Oh my goodness, Wilma, that is WONDERFUL NEWS. I think you have a wonderful way of connecting with people, and I think that by starting with a "pain point", something that people are struggling with/can care about is really helpful. I'm thrilled to hear this news. Thanks so much for sharing!!

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